Level 20, 1 York St

Sheldon Interiors


Level 20, 1 York St Level 20, 1 York St Level 20, 1 York St Level 20, 1 York St

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About this Project

The brief for Level 1 York St was to design and construct a speculative suite that catered to a post pandemic hybrid workforce. To accommodate this, a residential style was chosen. With its rich hues serving as an oasis against the light filled skyline of Sydney’s CBD, this suite is set to ensure companies are comfortably efficient in their practices for many years to come.


Sheldon Interiors


Toby Peet


Sheldon Interiors


Sheldon Interiors


  • Black Wenge Ravine (RAVINE embossed wood grain doors & panels)
  • Black Matt (MELAMINE doors & panels)
  • Rojo Walnut Woodmatt (BENCHTOPS & laminate)
  • Black Woodmatt (STECCAWOOD)
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