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Servepoint Pop up Kiosk Servepoint Pop up Kiosk

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This pop up kiosk was a test fit for a potential national roll out in sites such as Westfields. Due to the lease spaces across sites being vastly different is size and orientation, the design was based upon a modular series of service counters and signage pillars that did not require a new re design for each new future site. The counters were oval with a series of tiers that could be accessed from all sides. Products used: Polar White Matt LDF, White Cement Smooth LDF, Bottega Oak Woodmatt HPL


PSA Architects


MNR Constructions


MNR Constructions


PSA Architects


  • White Cement Smooth (BENCHTOPS & laminate)
  • Bottega Oak Woodmatt (BENCHTOPS & laminate)
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